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QAre non-Muslims allowed inside mosques?
AYes, definitely, The Qur’an does not prohibit anyone from visiting a mosque (provided they are not there to cause trouble) as it is a House of God that can and should be used for the worship of God by all. Only idolatry is prohibited in a mosque but even then all are welcome to visit a mosque.


QSalam I had a query regarding Namaz e Istikhara. When one has a dream which 1 is the one that should be interpreted for Istikhara The one before Fajar salah or the one after. Could you let me know please.
AAssalamu alaikum!
Thank you for your question. The dream before Fajr prayer is the crucial and stands as criterian.Wassalam

Shahid Malik

QCan you please verify following Hadith and if true can we do the same now a days It is narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas that he said that the Messenger of Allah prayed Zuhr and Asr together and also Maghrib and Isha although he was neither in a state of fear nor on a journey. Saheeh Muslim Vol. I p.264
AAssalamu alaikum
Thank you for this contact. This hadith is authentic. The reason as I understand is to provide YUSR (ease&facility) which is the very spirit of the faith of Islam. Since this hadith doesn\’t indicate that the Prophet did it routinely rather only one time, it cannot be taken or interpreted as the symble of general practice. Many ulama interpret it as the speciality of the Prophet not related to anyone else. But this view is weak. Wassalam

Asif Ali

QWhat is the last time Maghreb salah can be read?
AAssalamu alaikum Thank you for your contact. The time of Maghreb salah lasts for more than one hour soon after sun set, but it is strongly recommended to be performed at the beginning time. Wassalam


QCan Jesus, or Mohammed peace be upon them be worshipped?
ANo, Allah does not accept that a cow, a person, an angel, a prophet, a stone, or anything be worshipped in place of him, or even along with Him. Worship must be to Allah the creator of them.

Tony Ray

QAssalamu alaykum. I would like to find out whether my wudu is invalid if my nose bleeds
AWalikum Asalaam, It depends which school of thought you follow.If you are a follower of Hanafi School of thought then yes, your wudu is invalid if your nose bleeds. But if you are following Imam Shafai fiqh then no,Wasallam.

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